iPhone Not Enabled Error and Resolution

iPhone does not activate iPhone Not Enabled Etkin‘ error appears on all iPhone devices. It will be inevitable to receive this error after resetting our device for some reason or returning it to its factory settings. So how do we solve the iPhone Not Enabled error and what should we do for the solution?

First, when you encounter this error, connect your phone to the iTunes platform and try the last time from there. If your experiment was unsuccessful, you can contact Apple Support at the Apple site. If you have not reached a solution after the interview, you can try the method below.

First, connect your device to the iTunes infrastructure via a PC. Then click Activate iPhone Device from the menu that appears.

From the next menu you will be asked to enter the mail and password you have previously used on this device. You should make sure that you enter your mail and password in full. Finally, you can easily access your device using your Apple Store ID.

Note: Sometimes the power of the Internet infrastructure used in Turkey, can not let you do these operations. We strongly recommend that you establish a VPN connection before performing these operations. You must first activate the VPN connection before starting the operations, then connect to the iTunes infrastructure first by following the steps above.

We recommend that you disconnect from the VPN system after you have finished your work. The VPN connection that is always on can cause some damage to your device.

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