How to Look on the Android Notification History?

You can delete notifications from the notifications section of your phone without reading them. When you press the cleaning key merak lar But what if they are important? Temiz kapıl you start to wonder what notifications are cleared. If you are faced with such a situation, you can still access the notifications you deleted. So how do we look at notification histories?

Looking at Notification History

Almost all of us know how to look up notification history with widget add-ons. But since this feature isn’t on every phone, we’ll show you how to look back through a program. So what program and how do we use this program?

First, let’s sign in to Google Play Market from our phone.
Search QuickShortcutMarket.
Download the application, start the program after the application is down.
When you open the program, we have to wait a while for the notifications and data that you deleted in the past.
Then, by clicking on the search bar in the program, let’s write and search for Notification Log.
To use the feature just below Settings, let’s expand the menu, write Notification Log and touch the Create tab.
After you do this, a shortcut will appear on your home screen. Using this shortcut you can accidentally clear all of your notifications history.

Once you have downloaded the program, you will now be able to view all of the notifications that appear on your phone’s screen in detail when you follow all operations in order. You can see the messages thrown at you, including application notifications from your phone.

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